Crawfords Wildlife Refuge & Animal Sanctuary. Welcome to the future of Animal Rescue.
Crawfords Wildlife Refuge & Animal Sanctuary.Welcome to the future of Animal Rescue. 


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  • Felicia Mihaila (Saturday, February 20 16 02:26 pm EST)

    Great website and its a wonderful thing you do. I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing adventure csmpaign & cause.
    Way to go Crawfords Wildlife Refuge.
    Can wait to see how far this can go.

  • Robin Woolf (Saturday, February 20 16 07:17 pm EST)

    I think what you are doing is the most amazing thing for everyone

  • Dorothy. Lambert (Saturday, February 20 16 08:21 pm EST)

    Hi I'm Dorrie from South Australia, a friend of Ron's and I'm happy to see such a great site. WOW is the pic really a true building, I'm impressed. Well done for your efforts and anticipation. Keep
    up the good work. :)

  • Lorey (Friday, April 01 16 03:23 pm EDT)

    Animal Activist, believer that all animals have a voice and that there should be stiffer penalties for those who abuse any animal, in any way. We also need to give a hand up to the homeless, both 2
    legged and 4 legged. There's no excuse for turning a blind eye to this issue!

  • Vickie Wade Fauhl (Saturday, April 02 16 01:35 am EDT)

    your an awesome team Ron and a dear friend on FB .

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