Crawfords Wildlife Refuge & Animal Sanctuary. Welcome to the future of Animal Rescue.
Crawfords Wildlife Refuge & Animal Sanctuary.Welcome to the future of Animal Rescue. 

Working Closely with Crawfords Danes

Working together for a better world for all animals. Direct Link To Crawfords Danes.Com

​​Crawfords Widlife Refuge Animal Sanctuary works Closely with our partner Crawfords Danes to offer not only experience and familiarity. But more importantly to always remember why we are doing what we do. To always keep our animals number 1 in our hearts and minds. Click on the link above to visit our Crawfords Danes website for more on our Danes & history.


Fall 2017

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Visit our Guestbook Sign in and comment about yourself or us. Sign in say hello, we would love to hear from you. And after we reach 1000th sign in, we will hold a draw for a Crawfords Wildlife Refuge & Animal Sanctuary gift pack. The draw will be from the 1000 names enterd into our GUESTBOOK. So enter your name today, We look forward to hearing from you.

The man who will take euthanasia off the table! Ron Crawford. 100% Dedicated!

Whats Happening Now.

Right now we are in full swing with our fundraiser. Our fundraiser is to build a state of the art facility on the border between Norwood and Warsaw Ontario. The property is located in the township of Douro Ontario. We have 100 Acres of land that we are using to build a first of it's kind facility. This property borders on conservation and wet lands allowing for safe release of wildlife, making it the Ideal location. Plenty of space for domestic rescued cats & dogs. Giving us a unique opprotunity to build something the world has never seen before. This Facility will not only safely and comfortably house hundreds of Cats & Dogs without cages. It will also offer longterm & short term permanent solutions for many homeless people with pets, as well. All donations go directly to our building fund. They do not get swallowed up by corperate salaries or any other red tape. All donations qualify the donor for a place on our wall of fame plaque, and each donation qualifies for one entry into our 3 draws. To be held at our ground breaking ceremony no later than the summer 2020.

1st prize in our draws will be for a 2018 Skidoo or 14ft fishing boat.


2nd prize is a 2000.00 prize pack made up from donation of local business's.


3rd prize is a 1 year supply of free Hardwood Firewood donated by Crawfords Wood Supply.


For those living outside of Ontario Canada. Options to donate prizes or alternative methods of recieving prizes, will be made available so anyone can donate and win anywhere in the world.

More about us:

We could tell you about the hundreds of cats, dogs & owners we have helped and guided over the last 20 years. We could even mention all the animals we have saved, adopted and rehomed while working closely with Crawfords Danes & Crawfords Rest and Retreat. We could even go as far as to mention all the homeless people we have helped. But our focuss is NOT on the past. We are only concerned with the future and all the many homeless Cats, Dogs & People around the world that need our help now, and in the future. This is why we do not share all our conquests and achievments, but only our aspirations and goals a few moments that touched our hearts. We do hope you will decide to join us this adventure to change the world, and donate today. Remember we accept all forms of donations and we are more than happy to help you facilitate your donation. Feel free to reach out to us though any of our contact mediums,websites or social pages. As well you can click on any of the donation links on this page!

New T-Shirts for donations of 50.00 or more. Limited Edition T-Shirts & Pullovers

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Next City Fundraising Tour. Toronto, Ont. CA.

Since Toronto is our Native City we will be setting up at various events and we promise to keep you posted as we progress every step of the way. Remember we encourage contact so feel free to give us a call, send an email or hit us up on Wildlife Refuge Animal Sanctury.

Our Goals in the short & long term are a world where animals, nature and people live in harmony with one another. Where we make positive connections, protect and respect wildlife.

As well provide homes for unwanted and displaced cats and dogs while at the same time giving homless people a viable option to living on the streets with their pets.

The reality is, that it's not that simple. Or is it? 

Truth is that man has survived for many thousands of years, living in harmony with animals, nature & the planet. Until only as recent as the last few hundred years.

Our hopes with this website, facility and business plan. Is to reduce the impact of man directly and indirectly by awareness, hands on involvement, permanent housing, adoption, releasing, rehoming, protection and ofcourse educating. Our main focus has always been Cats & Dogs.

That is the number one reason for building this animal sanctuary.

Our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate needless uthanasia in Canada, Usa and eventually the world. Our facility is going to be a one of a kind, with unique features and abilities.

Offering permanent soloutions for domestic and wildlife animals a like.

Sure there are other nice refuge's and sanctuaries out there.

But you may be asking what make us different from all the rest? 

Mainly it's our methodology and experience.

Our facility will offer never seen before accomadations, procedures and techniques.

That will not only offer comfortable long term housing for cats & dogs, mission placement for homeless People, but safe wildlife rehabilatation and release as an added bonus.

Once open, our facility will be a revolutionary leader in the preservation and positive relations between mankind, domestic animals and wildlife.  

Join & follow us on this adventure. I am sure that you will be pleased and quite happy you did.

You can help out in many ways to make this world a better place,but joining us today would be the most direct and easiest way.

Simply visit our Gofundme or Youcaring campaigns and make a donation(located on this page), then come back here and sign into our guestbook. Then get ready to enjoy the ride, we will keep you posted and updated every step of the way. You may be involved as little or as much as you like.

You can be sure we will let everyone know how amazing you are, unless you choose to be anonymous, in which case we will respect your privacy fully.

We will also have volunteer, part time & full time positions available for those who really want to help out and get hands on.


We thank you for visiting our website and we hope to speak with you soon.

This is our new main site and we will be updating it daily.

Remember at the bottom of this page you can enjoy a slide show of photos in and around Crawfords Wildlife Refuge Animal Sanctuary.


You can still visit Crawfords Danes at

to get all your Great Dane pictures, videos and info.


Please keep in mind that is under construction

and will be updated to a mobile web based format shortly.

Building site A

Over 3.5 full acres cleared for this 10,000 square foot facility on a hundred acres backing onto 1000 acres of marsh land and conservation areas. Near the warsaw caves in the beautiful region of Southern Ontario, Canada.

No hunting or trapping anywhere on facility property.
We are strong advocates against trophy & sport hunting.
This is a must watch video. Of how we control population..:~}> You tube video of our temporary feeding station in the bush. To keep them in the protected ares.
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